Buy & Sell Aircrafts


Performance Air has

over 90 buy-sell aircraft transactions,

with a “key-in-hand” service that is unique to Latin America.

Our team has extensive experience in guiding you through the process of buying or selling semi-new or new aircrafts.

Boutique Service for Clients and Businesses.

Our sales team is experienced and strategically allied with brokers and firms in the United States, Europe, and Asia.


Commercial and Legal Guidance.

Let us help you transform your acquisition into an investment.


Proyect Analysis.

The first step to follow is to analyze the operational and economic requirements of your project.



Our team will present to you the best available aircrafts in which the sale commission will be covered by the aircraft owner. The elements to consider in the selection are as follows:

  • Market analysis.

  • Aircraft choice.

  • Aircraft evaluation and inspection.

  • Aircraft purchase


Let us sell your aircraft.

Our listing service will position your aircraft in the Global Aviation Market with the sole purpose of getting the most commercial value.

We conduct an international analysis related to last transactions of the same kind of aircraft to determine the best sale strategy.

We have strategic partnerships in Mexico, Europe, United States, and Asia to guarantee the best service.

Our main goal is to achieve the promotion and positioning of your aircraft, guiding you every step of the way, wether it is a final sale or a replacement.

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