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We are a group of professionals and experts in the field of luxury aviation.

  • Our priority is to be flexible with our clients.
  • > We take care of visualizing and setting up even the last detail presented to us by our clients.
  • Our attention to detail and customer experience are incomparable.
  • We are available to you 24/7.
Our company.

Performance Air is part of a group with over 15 years of experience in private aviation and 26 years in the international luxury goods sector.


We strive to bring you the highest quality, tailor-made service in the executive aviation world.


Attention to detail and our clients are our main focus. Whatever your need is, we have the perfect fit for you.

Our customers come first at Performance Air.

We have the air operator certification. We are an air taxi and specialists in the administration of aircraft with or without air taxi.


We operate under the highest standard of international safety, with your well-being always in mind.

Each aircraft is subjected to maintenance and inspections in workshops authorized by the manufacturers.

Our flight and ground operations personnel are constantly updated. The crews are trained in certified centers in the United States to operate the aircraft in the best conditions of safety and comfort.

Experience & Service

Every one of your needs is accounted for when you fly Performance Air.

Performance Air focuses on the specific details required by each of our clients; impeccable service, transparency, personalized service and a fair price are the hallmarks that distinguish us.

Always aware of your comfort, we offer different options that complement your experience. With just a little notice, we prepare to meet special requirements.


No hidden fees, no surprises; let’s fly!

We are an independent company that does not represent any particular brand. We do this with the aim of always offering the products that best suit the budget and interest of our customers: we are not obliged to sell a forced inventory.

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